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Fall is the perfect time to treat yourself to a salon treatment, a new hair cut, and/or a fresh new color. The turn of a new season invites change - whether big or small, your will feel and see a big impact!
Here are three ways to change things up for Fall:
Get a treatment done: 
At ash Salon, we offer CONCENTRATE Treatment Services which are single doses of nourishment, strength and shine that are designed to improve hair's overall condition with tangible results in five minutes or less. 
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The treatments by r+co include:
DALLAS Thickening Concentrate
Ideal for those looking for long-lasting, Texas-style hair. It's designed to increase the fullness of fine hair by 2x after one application, w
hile repairing damage and split ends with visual results lasting up to 23 washes. 
GEMSTONE Color Locking Concentrate
This concentrate is designed to retain color vibrancy after one treatment with visual results lasting up to 23 washes. It can also repair damaged hair and split ends for up to four weeks. 
ATLANTIS Moisturizing Concentrate
ATLANTIS can increase moisture levels by 2.5 times after one application and prolong healing and elasticity, while repairing damage and reducing frizz for up to four weeks. 
Try a new color:
BLONDE: If it feels like everywhere you look a new celebrity has gone platinum, you're not alone. The color is a present-day Hollywood epidemic (in a good way!), and with a history stretching from Jean Harlow (the OG "bombshell blonde") to Farrah Fawcett, the color stands the test of time for giving anyone a carefree & cool vibe. However, blonde is definitely not effortless— it requires visits to the salon and at-home maintenance, but it’s worth it. We promise. 
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BALAYAGE: If you're stuck between blonde and brunette, get the best of both worlds with a soft fade from dark roots to blonde hair. To brighten your look on dark winter days, frame your face with blonde pieces.
Get a fresh cut
We’re loving bobs right now! 2019 is the time to be brave and embrace the bob (or lob). 
If the thought of lobbing off the majority of your locks fills you with dread, know that there are a ton of different ways you can rock the style, and it doesn't have to be super short.
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