How to Freshen Your Hair For Fall At Home

There’s something about the start of a new season that calls for a refresh - and today we’re chatting about refreshing your hair at home. As the cooler weather of fall waltzes in, try doing an at-home detox hair treatment that reinvigorates, new ways to style your hair, and try out the hottest fall trend: hair accessories!
ACV Treatment
If you use products on your hair, you probably know the gross feeling that build-up can cause. After two weeks of dry shampoos, mousses, and salt sprays, regular shampoo sometimes just doesn't cut it. Eventually, you'll end up with gunky, greasy hair and be tempted to wash your hair every day, or maybe even twice in one day. In turn, this will leave your hair lifeless, limp, and dull. This is why clarifying shampoos are such a staple in the households of people who do their hair all the time. 
The good news: you don’t have to buy a fancy clarifying shampoo. You can actually treat build-up on the hair with something that is likely sitting in your kitchen: Apple Cider Vinegar. 
Why Apple cider vinegar? 
An apple cider vinegar-based rinse can help restore life to your hair in a matter of moments, but first thing's first, you have to be smart about it. You can't just pour ACV onto your head—that's going to end up not only stripping your hair, but actually could burn your scalp. So seriously, don't do it. Instead, you have to dilute it heavily. But if you do dilute it, you can get some serious benefits:
Clearing Out Stubborn Product
Apple cider vinegar is great at getting build-up off of your hair. A big part of this is due to its acidic nature; it's less acidic than your typical clarifying shampoo, but more acidic than regular shampoo. Grease, grime, and any product that's clumped up in your hair over time will be washed out, while your hair is kept intact.
Restoring Balance
Not only can apple cider vinegar rinse unwanted dirt off your strands, but it can have seriously positive effects on your scalp health. Not only does your scalp have an acid mantle like the rest of your skin, but the acid mantle needs to be maintained, which means keeping a healthy pH balance. Unfortunately, hair products aren't often made with your pH balance in mind, which means the buildup that comes from products seriously messes with that acid mantle. Using apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse can, thankfully, restore that balance.
How To Do It At Home
1. Mix five parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle.
2. Spray your scalp well, enough that it'll be evenly coated.
3. Work the vinegar into your hair with your fingers. It will be diluted enough that it shouldn't burn.
4. Allow the vinegar mixture to sit for three to five minutes.
5. Rinse your hair and scalp with cool water.
6. Follow this rinse with a light conditioner, nothing that will weigh down your hair.
7. Rinse your hair well, until you're sure all product (and vinegar) is down the drain.
You can dry and style your hair as usual afterwards, but you should notice some shine and body have been restored.
Try Changing Your Part
Switching your part is an easy (free!) solution to the urge to completely change your hair all the time. A center part can dramatically change your current bob, lob, or long layers, and make it feel like you got an entirely new haircut.
In reality, the only difficult thing about a center part is making it. The look works on all face shapes and can draw attention to your favorite features. To get your part in the right place, use your nose as a guide. With a rat tail comb (one that has a pointy end), go back to the crown from the hairline and you'll end up with a strong center part. 
As for how to wear your center part, the choices are endless because virtually any hairstyle looks great with one. Here’s our take on the center part:
Add Accessories
Influencers and celebrities are embracing hair accessories with gusto this season. From pearl barrettes to headscarves to scrunchies, when it comes to adorning your hair, anything goes. Need some inspiration? Here is our take. Try your favorite or mix it up—there are no rules.
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